Saturday, January 29, 2011


Happy pink Saturday!
We went on a hike Thursday with my family Just about 2 miles from home. Seeing God's world in the winter is so awesome.
No pink yet...

And there's the pink! look at me. my grey coat, green pants, brown hair, white snow, green trees, and my very pink boots!!

We want to go back again and again and watch His world change in all the seasons. So pretty!
There were a couple different paths and forks. We used the one most used. Moma and Lilly. the hike was so relaxing, Any time I have to get out is great.
I love taking pictures!


  1. Beautiful walk with you ... you won't get lost with those pink pretties on your feet! Love the winter wonderland scenes ...
    Happy PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  2. I love going for a walk, just after it's stopped snowing. It's so quiet and beautiful. Love your pink boots!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Such a quiet feeling I got from your pretty pics!
    Love your boots! HPS!

  4. It looks beautiful but so cold. Love the boots.

  5. That is a lovely cold,looking place for a walk. I could not handle it, but looks you and family fared very well. Also, you found the right touch of pink.

  6. Thanks for taking us on the walk. Beautiful!!!

  7. Happy Pink Saturday Autumn Sweetie...
    A beautiful share today. I loved walking along in the snow with you. So deep my goodness, and I could hear the crunch beneath your beautiful pink boots. You took some awesome photos. Thank you for sharing.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Please stop over and say hello. I love meeting new friends and sharing. I have grand daughters that are 15 and 10 as well. Thank you again for the walk, it was beautiful.

    Country hugs, Sherry

  8. Oh my goodness. That makes me cold just to look at!! Pink boots would certainly help keep you warm though!
    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!!

  9. Great boots, Autumn. We just moved from Vermont, 4 years there, to California. I admit, I love being back in a nice year round climate. Thanks for sharing pictures of the snowy northeast.

  10. Beautiful post thank you for sharing,HPS.

  11. I loved sharing in this walk with you, the boots are way so kwel! Happy Pink Saturday!


  12. LOVE your boots! Awesome! Sounds like you enjoyed your hike - I love being out in the beauty of this world. Happy Pink Saturday-

  13. New Hampshire is beautiful. I come from upstate NY so New Hampshire and especially the White Mts are favorites, I miss here in Florida. Love the pink boots! I agree, being outside and seeing God's world up close and personal is awesome. If you have never seen Fall foliage, you are in for a stunning treat come Setp and Oct. Enjoy His wonders.