Saturday, January 29, 2011


Happy pink Saturday!
We went on a hike Thursday with my family Just about 2 miles from home. Seeing God's world in the winter is so awesome.
No pink yet...

And there's the pink! look at me. my grey coat, green pants, brown hair, white snow, green trees, and my very pink boots!!

We want to go back again and again and watch His world change in all the seasons. So pretty!
There were a couple different paths and forks. We used the one most used. Moma and Lilly. the hike was so relaxing, Any time I have to get out is great.
I love taking pictures!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Indoor Garden Rocks

I painted these rocks in the summer. I found them in our yard and painted them with a friend. They are perfect to put around a flower pot.
Lilly If any one happens to know what this plant is please tell me. where we got it the people didn't know.
It's just growing

Monday, January 24, 2011

The F in the address

There's a short and funny story to go with this blog's address. I'm sure every time some one types in my blog address there wondering Why the heck is there a F at the end? So I'll tell you.
As I was setting up the blog it asked what my address would be I typed Godsworld. That wasn't available. so I thought, and what I came up with was Godsworldisgreat (it is isn't it?) well I thought that was good and I'd never have to think of it again, but just as I went to push enter my index finger bumped the F key. It was to late, and now forever that silly little F will make me laugh. Now you know why and you can laugh too.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We now have over two feet of snow, and the snow is still falling. My cat Lila Mae is looking out with curiosity. This is her first year big enough to explore God's world in the winter.

Winter Garden

Moma bought me Paper White bulbs and it has been so much fun watching flowers grow in the winter. They sit on the window seat enjoying the sun light. I thank God for Flowers!

This Is Moma's Geranium growing beside by Paper White.